Increase service lane revenue in 60 seconds with Bosch Flex Inspect
Bosch Flex inspect is a cloud-based service lane technology that includes software and equipment ideal for dealer groups, dealers with multiple locations and multiple service drives. The system includes regular updates without any upgrade fees. 
Flex Inspect interacts with your eMPI platform pushing data to your DMS to help you right-sell needed service. Flex Inspect’s new hands-free configuration optimizes your inspection lane process in 60 seconds or less. Share VIN, OBD II trouble codes, TPMS, tire tread depth and alignment data instantly in a customer-friendly report. Learn more about Flex Inspect by downloading the brochure here. 
Get a consolidated view of service lane performance at all of your dealership locations. Analyze and react to trends driven by geography, demographics, vehicle types and more. Track service lane opportunities, staff performance and missed sales with a new dashboard that measures vehicle test results, lane usage efficiency, failures by model years, staff performance and more.